Business for Sale Online

Where can I post a business for sale online? Which websites, portals or marketplaces accept listings of business for sale? Read and discover the 10 best places to list your business for sale!


Wondering how to sell a small business or which websites, portals, and marketplaces to use for listing your business for sale? Worry not as you are at the right place!

We have analyzed and compared and we have put together a list of the best places to list your business for sale:

  1. – A well established and popular listing portal. The charges are low and an average small business that is valued reasonably can expect to see 1-3 inquiries per month.
  2. – This is one of the best know listing companies in UK. They have a large database of registered buyers. When it comes to charging fees, they charge a membership fee only (£25) per month.
  3. – Business brokers in the US prefer to use for listing businesses for sale. Their charges are between $60 and $100 per month.
  4. – A very popular US platform and a great choice if you want to list your business for sale in Los Angeles or Miami.
  5. Merger network – This is not a typical marketplace, it works more like a social network for business professionals. Another great place to list your business for sale in Miami or LA.
  6. – This is more than an ordinary listing website – it is a new way to sell businesses (no accountants, brokers or solicitors are included in the sale). The business owners are guided by the platform.
  7. – This is a US-based website and it is small when compared to the websites on this list. If you want to list and advertise your business for sale, you need to fill in a form.
  8. – Even though this website is best known for listing residential properties, they also list commercial properties and businesses for sale. Keep in mind that you can’t list directly with them. Instead, you need to go through an agent.
  9. – Here, it is free to list a business. This is just another US-based website for commercial properties and it is definitely worth visiting.
  10. DPOUSA – A relatively new platform. Listing on this platform will cost you $195 and there are over 30.000 potential investors.

Are you ready to list your business for sale?